America’s Most Trusted Horseman John Lyons Endorses HandsOn Gloves

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Jul 14, 2017) – Recognized as America’s Most Trusted Horseman, John Lyons, a well-respected and highly esteemed horse clinician, has partnered with HandsOn® Gloves to endorse and sell the product at exhibitions and clinics across the nation.
Using HandsOn grooming and bathing gloves is as natural as petting with the extra benefit of providing unique bonding experiences between pets and their owners without a chucky tool in between. Its patented design includes unique nodules that can be used wet or dry to increase the circulation and overall grooming health of the animal.
“HandsOn Gloves replaces the need for traditional grooming tools and are great for shedding, bathing, and grooming our horses,” said Lyons. “Another great characteristic is that they are easy on my wrists. Because they are gloves, there is no more gripping, holding or dropping conventional grooming tools.”
With his global training career and expertise as a clinician that has spanned for more than 25 years, Lyons embodies the HandsOn Gloves spirit, which believes that family and animals always comes first and is committed to sharing superior products with others who ride, train, ranch, workout doors, compete at all levels and simply love spending time with their pets.
“John has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the equine world and has the upmost experience in the field,” said Jay Michaelson, CEO of HandsOn Gloves. “We are humbled that an esteemed clinician recognizes HandsOn as a quality product that can help his animals.”
Brandi Lyons, John Lyon’s daughter who also carries a trusted name in the horse industry, first introduced her father to HandsOn Gloves hoping he would find good use for them around the ranch. Her success and popularity around those in the horse community is based on the simple and practiced philosophy her father pioneered decades ago: love and respect the riders first.
HandsOn Gloves recently won two highly sought-after awards in the pet industry from SuperZoo, a national pet tradeshow and was named a pet industry all-star by Pet Business Magazine.
The award-winning product was originally created by Michaelson and his team to replace the curry comb, and can be used on a variety of animals such as dogs, cats, livestock and more.
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About HandsOn® Gloves
HandsOn® Gloves takes an innovative approach to providing the highest-quality in grooming products to the world’s top trainers, athletes and the everyday animal lover. Used wet or dry, HandsOn offers a unique bonding experience to a community that believes family and animals come first. The grooming gloves provide the utmost in professional excellence while allowing pet owners hands to stay clean and give their animal(s) extra tender loving care.

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