Apptigo International Launches Cat-Inspired Social Sharing App

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Dec 30, 2015) – Following the success of the SCORE Matchmaker app, Apptigo International (OTC PINK: APPG) has announced the launch of Rate My Pussycat (RMPC) in the Apple App Store, the next clever and original entry into their portfolio. The app is a popularity and sharing app founded on one truth: The Internet loves cats. The app combines the popularity of cat-related content with ability to post and share photos and videos via social media, rate uploads, and create custom cat images.
“‘Rate My Pussycat’ is a social app that allows for a rich and entertaining experience for users,” said President David Steinberg. “With RMPC, users are treated to new, hilarious content each time they open the app, a perfect way to wind down after a long day. Though the weekly internet holiday Caturday is celebrated on Saturday, RMPC makes it so that every day can be Caturday.”
Steinberg explained, “With RMPC, a user can spend hours scrolling through cat & kitten pictures. They can also upload photos of their own cats and decorate them with accessories from a library of over 120 wigs, mustaches, beards, sunglasses, funky hats, kitty clothing and a many more swag items. They can upload their own short cat videos, appropriately dubbed ‘Catsnips.’ Like other social sharing apps, users can rate other users’ cat photos and hopefully have their own cat rated highly enough to win the coveted ‘Whiskers Award.’ Most importantly, app users can share all content across their social networks with a simple tap.”
In addition to being able to upload, share and decorate cat content, Apptigo has a larger, charitable mission with RMPC: the app allows users to connect with local cat rescue and adoption agencies so that more cats-in-need have a greater chance at finding a home. Steinberg said, “We are building a network that allows all cat adoption agencies and rescues to feature the cats they have for adoption in our adoption showcase feed, allowing them to connect to users, and users to them, in the modern, mobile way of the world.”
More information is also available at The app is free to download, and revenue streams will be generated via ads within the app and upsells for customizing user cat pictures.
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