Aspire Ventures and Fusionetics Introduce Performance Analysis System for Sports, Fitness and Healthcare

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – May 12, 2017) –

Aspire Ventures announces a new investment in a joint venture with Fusionetics, a global provider of evidence-based performance healthcare solutions, to advance innovation in the sports science sector

Through the investment, Aspire and Fusionetics introduce Fusionetics+, an advanced individual performance diagnostics and analysis system for sports, fitness and healthcare

By combining artificial intelligence, sensors and Fusionetics IP and technology, Fusionetics+ provides unprecedented insight into individuals’ performance, and offers personal fitness and health recommendations based on those insights

Today Aspire Ventures announced a new investment in a joint venture with Fusionetics, a global provider of evidence-based performance healthcare solutions, to advance innovation in the sports science sector. Through the investment, Aspire and Fusionetics today introduced Fusionetics+, a first-of-its-kind individual performance diagnostics and analytics system for sports, fitness and healthcare.
In the past decade, there has been an exponential increase in the amount and types of data produced by technologies that track humans in motion — whether it’s somebody monitoring the pace of their weekly run on their Fitbit, or an NBA team analyzing its players’ performance from one game to the next. As a result, individuals, sports organizations and care providers alike are increasingly looking to turn this raw performance data into actionable insights, but with so many disparate sources of data and no centralized depository for it, this insight has been difficult to attain at best. 
With Fusionetics+, Aspire and Fusionetics have developed the most technologically advanced performance diagnostics system on the market for sports, fitness and healthcare. By combining artificial intelligence, sensors and an ecosystem of web and mobile apps, Fusionetics+ enables the measurement, analysis and optimization of the unique physical, physiological and psychological aspects of an individual and their performance and health status. 
Fusionetics+ In Action
Fusionetics+ consists of a web and mobile app (for both iPhone and Android) that fully integrates with another of Aspire’s ventures, Connexion Health and its Connexion kiosks, which are “one stop shop” shower-sized booths outfitted with non-invasive sensors designed to collect athlete data. Connexion kiosks offer a fast yet comprehensive and automated evaluation of an individual’s vital signs within minutes, as well as recommendations on follow-up care, detailed options for that care, estimates on how much each option would cost, and easy appointment scheduling with the provider of that individual’s choice.
By leveraging the Connexion platform, Fusionetics+ can quickly and easily generate a comprehensive snapshot of an individual’s physical and physiological characteristics, including height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure. Fusionetics+ also offers a set of advanced features for automated performance monitoring and analysis, including facial recognition, biometric/anthropometric data capture, motion capture and movement analysis, and audio and visual coaching. In addition, once the performance data is collected and analyzed, Fusionetics+ utilizes proprietary algorithms and Aspire’s groundbreaking adaptive artificial intelligence platform, A2I, to deliver fully personalized injury prevention, performance training, and recovery recommendations to each user. The entire end-to-end process of the data collection and analysis and creation of personalized training recommendations is available to the user in real-time through the Fusionetics+ app.
Aspire Ventures’ A2I Artificial Intelligence Technology
Aspire’s A2I platform underpinning Fusionetics+ uses a vast number of algorithms for relentless self-optimization, and through the platform Aspire helps its venture companies move to market faster with more precise and more personal results. A2I can utilize any type of data — from text to video to biometrics — and by drawing from a massive library of analytical components, A2I assembles, optimizes and combines components from multiple algorithms to build the best possible adaptive algorithm. A2I is the technology that is helping Aspire Ventures drive healthcare initiatives that are designed to break down silos, foster innovation and integration, and effect revolutionary change.
Fusionetics’ Clientele
Fusionetics works with more than 300 professional and college teams including the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Kansas City Chiefs, the University of Alabama, and the University of Notre Dame. Fusionetics also works with over half of the NBA’s teams, the National Basketball Players Association, and NBA Basketball Without Borders. Fusionetics Health and Fitness partnerships include Cerner, an electronic health record system, Baylor, Scott & White and National Academy of Sports Medicine, the leader in fitness certification, education and performance.
Supporting Quotes
“We understand first-hand the critical role that data plays in performance monitoring and analysis, regardless of whether you’re a casual exerciser or a world-class Olympic athlete,” said Dr. Micheal Clark, founder and CEO, Fusionetics. “By partnering with Aspire Ventures to develop Fusionetics+, we’ve combined Fusionetics’ sports science pedigree and know-how with Aspire’s expertise in artificial intelligence to help individuals gain unprecedented insight into their performance. And from there, we’re able to develop fully customized solutions that help individuals elevate their health and performance to levels they previously didn’t think was possible.”
“Helping make patient-centric healthcare a reality has been one of our primary goals from the very beginning, and that starts with fully understanding the unique characteristics of each patient,” said Sam Abadir CEO of Aspire Ventures. “Our work with Fusionetics is a perfect marriage of sports science and healthcare based on proven data collection and analysis methods and technologies. By leveraging our A2I technology to deliver personalized fitness and health recommendations, Fusionetics+ is an ideal example of the endless potential of data insights in a healthcare setting.” 
About Aspire Ventures
Aspire Ventures, an Aspire Universal Company (, is a private equity firm focused on transforming industries and impact investment. Aspire Ventures leverages its capital, intellectual property and domain expertise to help bring breakthrough technologies to market faster and more cost effectively for the benefit of people worldwide.
Aspire Ventures has developed A2I, an adaptive artificial intelligence platform, to help its portfolio companies offer innovative technologies in the areas of mobile, cloud, machine learning, and big data analytics for a variety of industry sectors, most notably healthcare. Aspire Ventures is leading several initiatives in healthcare designed to break down silos, foster innovation and integration, and effect revolutionary change, and the company’s vision for healthcare is a patient-centered model that is focused on creating a better patient experience through precision medicine.
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About Fusionetics
Developed under the leadership of Dr. Micheal Clark and a group of scientists, sports medicine professionals, coaches, athletes and business leaders, Fusionetics is a system that was designed and utilized in the world of professional sports to help athletes improve their performance, speed their recovery and avoid future injury. Designed with this application in mind, the company has taken decades of proven scientific research and field-testing to deliver a user-friendly platform. It is scientifically valid and accessible on any digital platform, phone or tablet. This program platform allows for any individual from age 8 to 88 to move better, perform stronger and recover faster. To learn more about Fusionetics, visit
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