Battelle Petitions FCC for Service Rules to Enable 10G Wireless

COLUMBUS, OH–(Marketwired – Mar 3, 2014) – Battelle is petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to adopt new rules allowing the deployment of advanced wireless technology that support the cost-effective delivery of data streams at 10 Gigabit and greater, effectively combining the speed and capacity of fiber optic cable with the low-cost and flexibility of traditional wireless technology. The FCC has now asked the public for comments on Battelle’s petition.
After a decade of development, Battelle has developed wireless technology that can put fallow spectrum above 100 GHz to productive use for important public and commercial purposes. The technology provides low-cost, high-capacity, moveable data links that are ideal for applications like medical centers needing to transport and store data intensive patient records, for financial institutions that needing to move data from one location to another, and for reducing the response and recovery times for communications networks after natural disasters. Indeed, the technology would be useful for any business or institution that needs to move large amounts of data quickly from one location to another at low-cost.
To enable the rollout of this technology, Battelle has asked the FCC to adopt service rules for use of the 102-109.5 GHz band, which has already been allocated primarily for fixed and mobile communications use. Under the rules proposed by Battelle the band would also be open to others who develop competing technologies. Battelle believes that use of this band as it has been proposed could have a transformative influence on how the increasingly bandwidth-intensive information demands of our nation’s economy can be served.
“FCC action will help address the growing demand for reliable, interference-free wireless service and support the cost-effective delivery of data streams of 10G and greater, and the equipment technology is ready to deliver on this great potential,” said Philip Schofield, manager sensors and communication at Battelle.
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