Dealstruck-Funded Business Opens Second Location — Expands Award-Winning Beer Brand

DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – Dec 30, 2015) – Dealstruck, Inc., an online small business lender, is proud to announce its customer, CAUTION: Brewing Co., finalized their second location, CAUTION: West. Dealstruck is delivering on its mission to provide small businesses with access to capital that is unique, appropriate and affordable, with honesty and transparency. Between the sale of their first beer in 2011 and today, CAUTION: has experienced marked revenue growth and opened two new locations, following numerous awards at beer festivals throughout Colorado and beyond.
“Dealstruck was created to answer an unmet need by successful small businesses for loans that enabled them to scale,” said Ethan Senturia, CEO and co-founder of Dealstruck. “We’ve funded loans for more than 1,000 businesses, providing entrepreneurs with term loans and lines of credit that allowed them to focus on their businesses and to continue the growth they work hard to achieve. We’re proud of CAUTION: and are happy to witness the company’s ongoing success.”
“Our continued recognition as a favored micro-brewery is very exciting for CAUTION:, and a testament to our creative flavoring and innovative brewing practices,” said Betty Wang, Co-founder of CAUTION:. “We struggled as most young or small businesses do to find capital, even being profitable and forecasting further success. Dealstruck was a launch pad for us — a safe harbor that helped us deal with the challenges of rapid growth and harness our growth for increased profits. We would not have likely been able to secure or manage our prosperity appropriately without Dealstruck.”
CAUTION: Brewing Company is a boisterous taproom, pairing its inventive suds with trivia, gaming, karaoke and live music nights in a friendly and welcoming setting. A steadily increasing flood of awards and press required the company to find growth capital to enable it to pay off high-cost debt and scale. In 2015, Danny and Betty Wang secured a $35,000 loan from Dealstruck. This enabled the company to finalize their second location, CAUTION: West, see their plans for a new line of canned beers come to fruition, and pay off much more expensive debt. 
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