EAG Laboratories Expands Pollinator Testing Capabilities To Meet Agrochemical Industry’s Need To Comply With Emerging Regulations

GAINESVILLE, FL–(Marketwired – Nov 1, 2016) – EAG Laboratories, a global scientific services company that provides testing, analytical and characterization services to technology- and life-science-related industries, announced today it will open a new testing facility dedicated to addressing the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other global regulatory requirements for evaluating the potential effects of pesticides on pollinators. 
“The agrochemical industry has a critical need for high-quality contract laboratory partners who understand how to interpret and comply with emerging pollinator guidelines,” said EAG’s CEO, Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D. “EAG is now uniquely positioned to fill that need.”
EAG’s entry into the pollinator testing arena came with its 2010 acquisition of Wildlife International, an Easton, Maryland-based laboratory known worldwide for its expertise in ecotoxicology. The company began studying pesticide effects on pollinators in the late 1990s, and as public concern has heightened in recent years, EAG’s scientists have participated heavily in scientific discussions with industry and global regulators.
The new facility sits just outside Gainesville where the University of Florida Honey Bee Research & Extension Lab is located, at a latitude that supports testing 10 months out of the year.
“The new Gainesville facility is optimally located to serve the agrochemical industry’s needs,” said Hank Krueger, Vice President, Aquatic, Plant & Insect Toxicology. “Our new pollinator testing facility offers EAG’s customers greater scheduling flexibility and capacity, as well as a reliable source of high-quality hives.”
Unlike some other laboratories that source test bee stock from suppliers, EAG also maintains its own apiaries (bee yards) and keeps detailed husbandry records on-site to optimize bee health and reproduction. The scientific staff is experienced in both honey bee and bumble bee testing. 
About EAG Laboratories:
EAG, Inc. is a global scientific services company serving clients across a vast array of technology-related industries. Through multi-disciplinary expertise in the life, materials and engineering sciences, EAG helps companies innovate and improve products, ensure quality and safety, protect intellectual property and comply with evolving global regulations. EAG employs 1200+ employees in seven countries, across 20 laboratories serving more than 4,000 clients worldwide.
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