Gen Z and Millennials Year to Come Survey: 2017

BURLINGTON, VT–(Marketwired – Dec 15, 2016) –  Each December, Fuse conducts a survey that looks at the trends and attitudes defining teens and young adults heading into the new year. Below details the surprising findings of Fuse’s 2017 survey.
After a year marked by political and social turmoil, it’s easy to believe that teens and young adults would be wary of the next 12 months. However, Fuse’s survey found that 60% of young people are optimistic about 2017. Their optimism stems from an unexpected ability to balance bad news with good — survey results indicate that our youngest generations have a greater ability to focus on the positive aspects of our society as compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers — and a collective lack of surprise at the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election. Interestingly, our Year to Come 2017 survey indicates a strong relationship between those who were least surprised by the election outcome to those optimistic about the upcoming year.
Love & Sex
According to Fuse’s study, 88% of young people think they will be in love in 2017. But when it comes to sex, they are less optimistic and far less interested. According to the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, younger millennials are twice as likely to be sexually inactive as the previous generation was at the same age.
Two-thirds of young people surveyed by Fuse believe they will make more money in 2017. Their optimism is astounding considering the job market. New research from the Equality of Opportunity Projects indicates children’s chances of earning more money than their parents have fallen from 90% to 50% since the 1960’s.
According to Fuse, 60% of Gen Z and millennials plan to spend more time with their family next year. The importance young people place on family is influenced by at least two factors: the growth of multi-generational households and the population growth of racial and ethnic minorities (who are more likely to live in multigenerational households).
70% of the teens and young adults surveyed by Fuse plan to exercise more in 2017. The numbers continue the trend of Gen Z and millennials committing to an active and healthier lifestyle. According to the Physical Activity Council’s 2016 data, Gen Z dominates in team sports while millennials have the highest participation in fitness activities.
About Fuse
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