GlobalSign Collaborates With the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to Release an Identity and Access Management Practice Guide to Help Energy Companies Reduce Cyber Risk

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 1, 2015) –  GlobalSign, a leading provider of identity services for commerce, communications, content, and communities, today announced a collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to develop a draft guide that will help energy companies implement Identity and Access Management practices to achieve secure access and authentication controls and reduce cybersecurity risk.
As the country’s national lab for cybersecurity, the NCCoE brings together people from industry, technology companies, government agencies, and academia to collaborate on applied cybersecurity to address broad challenges of national importance. As an increasing number of technologies, devices, and systems come online and connect to our electric grid systems, an increased need in protection from cybersecurity attacks is inevitable.
To help address these cybersecurity challenges, GlobalSign, as well as other vendors, have been working closely with the NCCoE at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The project demonstrates a centralized Identity and Access Management (IdAM) platform that can provide a comprehensive view of all users across different functions; including information technology (IT) physical access, and operational technology (OT), within the enterprise, and furthermore ensuring appropriate access rights have been granted to the right type of users. A draft guide has been published providing a step by step implementation guide on how utilities can control physical and logical access to resources across the enterprises using standards, best practices, and commercially available products.
“Collaborations such as this are invaluable to the NCCoE’s work because they allow us to build an experienced team from industry, academia, and government to solve a critical cybersecurity challenge,” said James McCarthy, Senior Security Engineer and project lead for the NCCoE’s energy sector team. “We want to show that any organization can use standards, best practices, and commercially available technologies to improve cybersecurity, reduce risk, and improve its security posture.” 
“GlobalSign is proud to be a collaborating vendor to provide NCCoE our technology and expertise in Identity and Access Management and help join forces with vendors alike to simulate a test environment to provide access control capabilities to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks,” said Lila Kee, Chief Product Officer, GlobalSign. “At GlobalSign we are committed to providing cost-effective and scalable identity solutions that allow organizations to employ a variety of authentication methods, ranging from social log-ons to PKI-based digital certificates.”
As a participating vendor, GlobalSign was able to simulate access control for users accessing critical systems across several silos that required high assurance identity credentials. Specifically: the simulated test environment utilized GlobalSign’s Managed PKI platform to issue and manage NAESB WEQ-12 digital certificate for secure network access of both internal and external users.
Over the last three years, GlobalSign has played a leading role in the development of security best practices and standards needed to secure the utility industry and critical national infrastructures alike. Specifically, GlobalSign is an active participant in the North American Energy Standards Board PKI subcommittee and Lila Kee, GlobalSign’s Chief Product Officer holds a board of directors seat on NAESB Wholesale Electric Quadrant (WEQ) to provide cybersecurity expertise and help share security policies and technology standards for the energy sector. Collaborating with NCCoE and industry experts on the IdAM Practice Guide has allowed GlobalSign to further strengthen and encourage protection against cyber attacks.
The draft guide can be found at the NCCoE website. The NCCoE welcomes comments on the guide via email or an online form through late October.
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