Globecomm Introduces the Next Generation of Tempo, an Enterprise OTT Cloud Video Platform for Interactive Communications

HAUPPAUGE, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 13, 2017) –

Tempo’s new cloud-based hosted solution provides greater functionality along with decreased bandwidth consumption for delivering live and on-demand private network content

Rollins, Inc. moves to next generation of Tempo for distributing interactive training sessions to nearly 12,000 employees at 700 locations around the world

Globecomm’s robust connectivity solutions and services are at the heart of Tempo’s on-premise and cloud-based hosted solutions, enabling secure content distribution to any screen or device, anywhere in the world

Globecomm announced the latest release of its Tempo platform, an enterprise OTT video cloud version for delivering live and on-demand interactive corporate training, communications and distance learning content. The new cloud-based hosted solution provides greater functionality and minimized bandwidth consumption, and is being deployed by Rollins, Inc. to deliver secure, private network communications and interactive training content to the company’s nearly 12,000 employees at 700 worldwide locations.
“Moving to Tempo’s cloud-based hosted service was an easy decision,” said John Torres, managing director at Rollins, Inc. “From a functionality standpoint, all the tools we need for creating, scheduling, distributing and interacting with content are available through a standard browser, with a single sign-on, saving valuable time for the training personnel as well as our trainees. Moving to a cloud-based service also provided significant cost savings while lowering bandwidth consumption.”
Tempo’s OTT video platform was released by the company for use over satellite and dedicated terrestrial networks, accessible by authorized users from any screen or device located anywhere in the world. Globecomm developed the next generation cloud-based Tempo to meet customer demands to provide increased capacity and advanced features at a significantly lower cost. The result is a secure, cloud-based system accessible with a single sign-on from within the corporate network as well as internet-connected remote locations. 
Rollins, Inc. is using Tempo to deliver interactive training content from its production studio to TVs, tablets and smartphones at remote locations, which gives users the ability to call in with questions and chat during a live event. It deploys advanced multicast streaming technology to minimize bandwidth consumption on the enterprise network, which can otherwise strain network resources. This also allows Rollins’ users to effectively and efficiently stream Video on Demand (VoD) training content from their massive library at any time.
On the Tempo platform, a Learning Content Management System allows for cross-platform content creation using templates to ensure portability and high reusability. Class sessions can include interactive questions and polling to test students’ skill and retention of the presented content. A powerful Media Asset Management system receives and indexes approved content for search and distribution, and an Event Scheduling interface manages the scheduling of live and on-demand class sessions. 
Paul Scardino, SVP, sales engineering and marketing at Globecomm said, “Developing a cloud-based version of Tempo further assists our customers’ training needs by providing enhanced content management flexibility and greater scalability while allowing them to achieve an earlier return on their investment.”
About Tempo
Globecomm Tempo is an Enterprise OTT Video Cloud Platform that offers Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) for secure, cloud-based private network content distribution of live and on-demand content — including distance learning, interactive training and corporate communications — accessible by authorized users from any screen or device located anywhere in the world.
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Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Globecomm has locations in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.
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