“Glory of Beijing” is the 2013/14 New Year Count Down Ceremony in China

BEIJING, CHINA–(Marketwired – Dec 31, 2013) – This New Year’s Eve, join in the biggest countdown extravaganza ever to be held in Beijing. The Year End Count Down Ceremony – “Glory of Beijing” celebrates the dream of China, magnificent people’s wishes and mesmerizes the Beijing city night-time in an artistic lighting performance. More than 30,000 people to attend and shouted ‘Beijing, I love you’, a laser beam enhancing the visual stimulation. The ceremony highlights the glory of China in 2013.
“Glory of Beijing” is the Renaissance of “China Dream”, curing heart gathers the energy of the people. The 46 sets of lighting installations render the roller coaster of China Millennium Monument at Beijing. The white energy beam convergence symbolized the beginning of 2014, blessing the people a brighter future. In response to the rein in lavish spending by government, the simple and precious finale demonstrate a best practice in 2014.
About “Glory of Beijing”
By one of China’s most influential contemporary new media and installation artist Wang Jianwei, “Glory of Beijing” was built as a form of cultural arts, by means of technological lighting structure. The art installation is about 10 meters high, about 18 meters in diameter at the top, the lower part is about 12 meters in diameter, device body divided into symmetrical semicircular plate rack, and sticking three tier plate rack on each side, and there is connection between panels on both sides, so that the device presents a collection, combined with strange Visual effects. The main material for art is made up of steel frame and LED light array, which light the cumulative length of about 6,000 meters, using nearly 10 tons of steel, the entire lighting controls digital control mode, by more than 200 or more transformer to achieve the overall integration of lighting control.
About China Millennium Monument
China Millennium Monument is the first non-profit national institution in China that specializes in collecting, exhibiting and researching in foreign arts. By collaborating with art museums, schools and other educational institutions worldwide, it strives to acquaint local people with broad human civilization and promote cultural communication and art education. In this way, it will provide a window for world art display and platform for communication among cultures.