Launches Cue, An Artificial Intelligence to Help People Quit Smoking, and Make Smartwatches Useful; Call for Market Study Participants on World No Tobacco Day

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – May 31, 2017) –, a leader in motion recognition software, is announcing a market study for Cue a way to make people reduce and quit smoking using Android and iOS smartwatches.
Kiwi’s CEO Ali Nawab developed the product after several attempts to quit smoking. “Cue helped me reduce smoking by 50% in the first week. It’s magical.”
“After 24 years of smoking, this has been the only thing to help thus far,” says Darrell.
“This app is great, puts you on the road to quitting easily and effectively. I would share this with anyone needing help to quit for good,” says Jasmine.
Another user Adrian says, “Cue is a helpful app because it provides positive reinforcement that rewards delaying my next cigarette.”
To further test its hypotheses on ways to make it easier for people to quit smoking, Kiwi is seeking participants for a larger market study. The study is available for individuals around the globe who would like to reduce their smoking and earn points. All their personal data will be kept confidential, and will not be shared without their consent.
Participants earn rewards throughout the study so depending on how quickly you want to quit you could end up with a fair amount of free Lattes, many initial users have earned $100 each in points, and saved over $200 from reduced smoking.
Kiwi, the maker of Cue is an industry leader in motion recognition algorithms, and works with many large and small companies on their wearable technology products. Its customers include IBM Watson and several large customers in health, sports and wellness.
“We made Cue to be the air miles for health, starting with helping people quit smoking,” says Founder John David Chibuk.
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