Mailjet launches the Email Collaboration Toolkit, helping restore strained relationships between brands and agencies

LONDON, Oct. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Joining the ranks of Slack, Google Docs, and Trello, Mailjet, the email service provider behind Microsoft, AVIS, Kia Motors and the AA, launches real-time team collaboration capabilities for the email sector. Complex teams now benefit from innovation aimed at solving their need for transparency, speed, and control as the workplace becomes more team-based and agency reliant. Agency use is high, straining productivity A new international study has found that poor collaboration is among marketer’s top pain-points. When collaboration breaks down, costly mistakes are made including submitting projects without senior approval (37%), misunderstanding instructions (51%) and making modifications where they shouldn’t be made (43%). The challenge continues when brands work with external agencies. 43% of respondents now report calling upon them, resulting in the communication chain being further elongated. Email is #1 to reach customers, but behind in adapting to complex teams When it comes to reaching customers, email marketing (59%) outranks even the most modern channels including cookie-based advertising (43%) and Facebook ads (39%). That said, email has been slow to keep up with collaborative workplaces where up to 10 people (internal + agencies) are cited as working together on marketing campaigns. “Over a year ago, we stopped and looked at the way teams were working,” says Nicolas Garnier, Product Manager at Mailjet. “Working together, and on platforms that facilitated this, was the norm. Given that 44% of marketers collaborate with their team and agencies every day on email marketing campaigns, the email industry needed to innovate more than anyone.” Why Mailjet’s Collaboration Toolkit changes things For the first time in the email industry, email creation, sending and management has been reimagined for teams. Particularly those working with agencies: ●  Real-Time Collaboration & Comments for teams to iterate and validate faster with outside agencies.●  Locked Sections & Publication Requests for teams to have full control on content and branding.●  User Management for teams to have transparency on who has access and to what. Complex teams, especially those working with outside agencies, will now improve the control, transparency, and time to market they need when it comes to email. Notes to editors:The research cited in this article was conducted by Morar Consulting and commissioned by Mailjet in 2018. Full studies can be found here: State of Collaboration, Email & ePrivacy. For more information, please contact:Cal Young, Hotwire PRT: +44 (0)20 7608 2500E: About Mailjet Mailjet is the email solution for teams to collaborate together on email. With Mailjet’s intuitive multi-user, drag-and-drop interface, teams can create impactful email templates together in real-time, leave comments, lock email sections, implement approval processes and more. The company’s cloud-based infrastructure is scalable to any business size and its proprietary technology ensures that emails arrive in the inbox. Mailjet is proud to be both ISO 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant.