Peco InspX Debuts SHIELD, Most Reliable Inspection System for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Nov 8, 2016) – Peco InspX is pleased to introduce the SHIELD Solo side-view X-Ray inspection platform at this year’s Pack Expo. The SHIELD platform represents a major step forward in high reliability, high precision food and beverage inspection. Manufactured in Silicon Valley and manufactured in Northern California, the SHIELD platform incorporates over 60 years of experience in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical inspection space.
Designed for the inspection of rigid containers including metal cans, composite cans and plastic containers at high speeds (up to 233 meters/minute conveyor speeds), the SHIELD Solo features a high-performance imaging system utilizing a 600 W metal ceramic X-Ray tube and Peco’s advanced detectors. This powerful combination delivers superior image contrast, low image noise, and high contaminant detection at high speed operations. Rich Cisek, Chief Operating Officer of Peco InspX, recently commented: “Customers can get a strong sense of how good our new SHIELD X-Ray systems are just by looking at the images — even small contaminants can be seen with ease.” The SHIELD Solo has approximately 20% better detection performance than current industry benchmarks.
Peco InspX has updated its HDRX software package, making the SHIELD Solo more versatile to line operators. In addition to delivering the lowest false reject rate in the industry, the new software streamlines set up and offers a variety of optional capability including check weighing and optional filler/seamer monitoring (with integrated sampling) making it easy to monitor the entire production line. To improve reliability and product up time, the SHIELD Solo features remote servicing capability by combining component diagnostics with the HDRX software. Individual hardware components can also be easily tested on the machine using built in-test software. Peco InspX routinely resolves over 95% of custom issues via the Internet using its remote diagnostic platform, which means lower support costs and minimal downtime.
One of the most notable differences is the new ergonomichygienic design. To ensure versatility and ease of use, the 19″ monitor with extensive built-in help provides access to easy-to-read help menus and product monitoring. With a 175mm (W) x 300mm (H) aperture and ground-breaking hygienic design, the SHIELD Solo minimizes the number of physical parts, making the machine extremely easy to clean.
Peco InspX Corporation is a leading provider of advanced technology inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries.