Warren Moon and Sports 1 Marketing Partner With OCTANe to Offer Sports 1 LaunchPad(TM) Focusing on Innovation in Action Sports

ORANGE COUNTY, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 2, 2014) –  Southern California innovation catalyst, OCTANe, has partnered with Sports 1 Marketing, one of Irvine’s leading sports innovators. This partnership will provide development, guidance, and access to early stage capital for Southern California’s robust sports innovation businesses.
Under the terms of the agreement, OCTANe will establish operations in cooperation with Sports 1 Marketing to provide its proven LaunchPad™ start-up company acceleration. It is expected that through this partnership, the two will support early stage action sports and sports technology companies gain momentum, access capital, and create new jobs in Southern California.
Sports 1 Marketing, founded by Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon, is a sports and entertainment marketing firm that maximizes the value of its clients by cultivating unique and lucrative business opportunities for corporate brands, elite and legendary athletes and coaches, and their strategic partners. 
“The partnership with OCTANe and LaunchPad is perfect for Sports 1,” commented Founder Warren Moon. “We have lots of ideas and potential deal flow, yet we are limited in our ability to translate these great ideas into businesses that can have a positive impact on the Southern California economy.”
“The opportunity to work with Sports 1 underscores OCTANe’s mission of connecting people and ideas with resources and capital and creating new jobs in Southern California,” said Matthew Jenusaitis, President and CEO of OCTANe. “Not only will this partnership help support our continued economic development, but more importantly, this agreement will allow us to broaden our products and services to a wider and very important audience in Southern California — action sports and sports technology.”
“Our goal is to help our clients to grow their businesses, to make a lot of money, and to have a lot of fun!” added Sports 1 CEO David Meltzer. “OCTANe’s track record with connecting people and ideas with resources and capital plays very well in this vertical and we are confident that this partnership will have a lasting impact on this region.”
Jenusaitis continued, “Warren and David have built a world class organization connecting professional athletes and coaches with the corporate world. This is a very logical partnership that leverages their depth of expertise in these businesses.”
About Sports 1 Marketing
Sports 1 Marketing is a sports and entertainment marketing firm that leverages the two billion dollars in relationship capital which the Founders — David Meltzer, Chief Executive Officer, and President and Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon — have built up over 35 years. Since 2010, Sports 1 has leveraged their relationship capital and situational knowledge to be statistically successful in everything they do.
Combining relationship capital with unique services of traditional marketing practices and new media strategies, Sports 1 is able to brand any business or person searching to elevate their recognition in sports and entertainment. 
Sports 1 is able to bring the right people to the right projects that, in turn, attract more of the right people. This elevates the awareness and exposure of the project thereby allowing them to maximize its monetization in order to make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun! Strategically choosing and aligning itself with like-minded clients and partners, Sports 1 Marketing consistently exceeds all expectations and has led to Sports 1 Marketing’s tremendous growth. Such abundance further enables Sports 1 Marketing to give back as much as possible to the community at large.
About OCTANe
OCTANe connects people and ideas with capital and resources to fuel technology growth in Orange County. Its members represent Orange County technology executive leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, academicians, and strategic advisors, all working together to fuel innovation in OC. The organization has helped more than 800 companies via the LaunchPad™ SBDC accelerator. LaunchPad™ companies have received more than $420 million in investment and equity exits. OCTANe annually welcomes more than 7,000 people to its programs and events. More than 2,000 business leaders throughout the Orange County region are OCTANe members. For more information, visit www.octaneoc.org.